Twelve Jews discover Messiah – Ben Hoekendijk – boek 1

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“Twelve Jews discover Messiah”, Ben Hoekendijk, boek 1

This book is a collection of testimonies of the Jewish people who came to accept Yeshua as their Messiah. At least one third of the twelve people interviewed had dreams and visions of the Lord through which they came to faith. This is pretty amazing! A few passages that struck me are:

Peter said about Yeshua, ‘You are … the Son of the living God’ (Mt 16:16), and Yeshua said that ‘this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven’. For a Jew, this is difficult to understand theologically. It will always be a mystery how God begot a Son, and he was born of the virgin Mary, and yet Father and Son remain one. But through the supernatural gifts of faith we can understand things which our natural understanding is unable to grasp. (p. 25) – Samuel Suran

People who have special experiences still need to hear the gospel and make a conscious decision in response to it. Paul met Jesus on the way to Damascus, but it was also necessary for Ananias to come and explain the gospel to him. God therefore uses human instruments. (pp. 149-50) – Lewis Sherman

Ben Hoekendijk is a Dutch author of about twenty books. He started his writing career after leaving a successful evangelistic ministry behind him, he concentrated on Israel and the relationship between Messianic Jews and Christians. His books with interviews of Jews that found Yeshua as the Messiah have gone around the globe and carry the glow of the coming ‘restoration of all things’.

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