Samuel Rees Howells, a life of intercession – Richard Maton


Beginning in the days of Rees Howells, founder of the Bible College of Wales, this book continues and traces its effectual legacy into the twenty-first century through the ministry of his son. For fifty-four years, Samuel Rees Howells excercised a powerful intercessory mimistry as he focused prayer on gospel liberty, in order for the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be given to Every Creature. Learn how God still intervenes in world history, from the Korean War to the Cuban Missile Crisis, and from the Six-Day War to the fall of the Soviet Union!

Discover how Samuel was led by the Holy Spirit to excercise authority over the principalities and powers, and to ‘pray through’ until God’s purposes were fulfilled in many lethal world conflicts. Filled with principles of intercession, faith and spiritual warfare, this book provides a fascinating insight into what is possible when the Holy Spirit finds an individual, who will stand in the gap and become a channel for His intercession.

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